Daily parking for RESIDENTS is $1.00 per day which includes a $.35 daily transaction fee (once they have registered per the below instructions, residents who have not registered will be charged the non-resident rate) and the monthly permit fee for RESIDENTS is $10.00 for a calendar month which includes a $1.00 monthly transaction fee. 

Daily parking for NON-RESIDENTS is $6.00 per day which includes a $.35 daily transaction fee and monthly permits for NON-RESIDENTS is $75.00 for a calendar month which includes a $1.00 monthly transaction fee.

Please be advised that all commuter parking is first come, first serve.

The purchase of a monthly permit DOES NOT GUARANTEE a parking spot.



To pay for daily and monthly permits for RESIDENTS and NON-RESIDENTS:

Purchase of Daily PermitsCommuters (RESIDENTS AND NON-RESIDENTS) may pay to park daily from Parkmobile. To register, please visit Click on “Sign Up Now!”  Then click on “Basic Membership”.  The Borough does not offer Preferred or Company Memberships at this time.  You may also set up an account by downloading the Parkmobile app on your smart phone, or by calling Parkmobile Member Services at 1-877-727-5457. 

Residents must also email or call to register as a resident to receive the $1.00 per day daily rate. To receive the resident $1.00 you must first register an account as stated above. You must then email the Records Bureau (preferable method) at and  You may also call 201-794-5418. Please provide the name, address and license plate(s) of the vehicle(s) on the account. Upon our validation of residence, you will receive confirmation from our office that you are registered for the discounted rate. Discounted rates may take up to 5 days to verify and be appliedResidents that do not receive a confirmation for the discounted rate will not receive a refund if they are charged the $6.00 daily parking rate.

Parking/Paying with a Daily Permit:

  1. Once you have found a parking space, launch the mobile app or call 1-877-727-5304.
  2. Please note the parking zone number located on the nearby signage.
  3. In the rare event that Parkmobile's daily permit system is not working, you can contact the Fair Lawn Police Department's Dispatch Center at 201-796-1400. Once they confirm that the Parkmobile system is not functioning they will accept the commuters license plate and allow the commuter to park for the day.

Please make sure your vehicle information is correct and up to date with Parkmobile. 




Purchase of Monthly Permits – Monthly permits will be valid for a calendar month. Permits will not be pro-rated. You will be able to add up to (5) five vehicles to your monthly permit, as well as sign-up for automatically renewing monthly permits. Only (1) one registered vehicle may be parked on site at any given time. 


To apply and purchase a monthly permit:

-On the main page of this website under “Access Fair Lawn Services”, click on “Commuter Parking

-Click "Please register here" located near the bottom left corner of the page

-Complete the form with your personal information and click on the "Save" button to complete your registration

-The next page will confirm your registration. Please write down your password or print this page so that you can sign in to your account in the future

-Click "Continue" to move forward

-Click on the drop-down arrow located in the middle of the page next to "Location" in the "Purchase by Location" box

-Choose "Fair Lawn Commuter Parking – All Areas". Choose the “Non-Resident” or “Resident” permit based on your current status.

-Click "Start application".

--The system will default to the coming calendar month. Please note that the permit is valid for a calendar month (example: 8/1-8/31). Permits will not be prorated.

-If you would like for the permit to renew automatically, be sure to choose the "Yes" option. Please note that you will later have the opportunity to pay for the renewal automatically. Choosing "Yes" here simply means you will be asked to renew towards the end of each month.

-At the bottom of the screen, enter your license plate number. You may register up to (5) five vehicles, but only one vehicle may be in the paid parking area at any one time. You can always sign in at a later time to add additional license plate numbers.

-Click "Continue" to proceed”

-Ensure that the details provided at the Application Confirmation screen are correct. If so, click "Continue"

-If you are satisfied with the contents of your Shopping cart, click "Checkout"

-If you would like for your permit to renew automatically, AND you wish to pay for the new month automatically, check the box located under "Autopay". You can cancel this option later if necessary.

-Enter your credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).  You must click on, read and check the box to agree with the Terms and Conditions set forth by the Borough of Fair Lawn.

-You will then have the opportunity to print the invoice showing you have paid for your permit.

-Look for your confirmation email which has your permit attached. Please print the "hang tag"The "hang tag" must be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle every day you are parked in the lot.

NOTE: The printed permit will contain a QR code (2D barcode) with unique value codes which will eliminate any potential fraud.  Only one vehicle may be in the paid parking area at any one time.



Need to reset your password? Need help updating your credit card information? Need to change your license plate information? Need to reprint your parking pass? Go to the Parkmobile Monthly Permit Help Center.

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact Police Records at 201-794-5418.

You may also email or  



Both daily and monthly permits can be used at the Radburn Erie Train Parking lots or the Saddle River Road Bus Parking lot.  

Permits CANNOT be used at the Broadway Train Parking lot. Though the New Jersey Transit's Broadway train stop is located in Fair Lawn, the parking lot is located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey and falls under their guidelines and fees.

There are two parking areas for the Radburn Erie Train Station. One is the "Main Parking Area", which is located next to the Radburn Erie Train Station on Pollitt Drive. The second is the "Upper Parking Lot", which is located on Fair Lawn Avenue, right next to the NJ RT 208 North Exit Ramp for Fair Lawn Avenue East. Residents of Fair Lawn can only park where the signs read "Residents Only" or "Unrestricted".  Residents of other municipalities (non-residents), can only park where the signs read "Unrestricted" or "Non-Residents Only".

The Saddle River Road Bus Parking Lot is located next to our Department of Public Works (DPW) Complex, 20-05 Saddle River Road. The parking lot is on the left, prior to entering the gates to the DPW. There are no resident or non-resident parking restrictions in this lot.

All Parkmobile mobile lots and permits are zoned as "Lot 101". This is for billing purposes between Parkmobile and Fair Lawn only. At the train lots you must park according to the sign located below the "101" signs (Resident, Non-Resident or Unrestricted).

All parking spots are first come, first served. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking spot.

The Borough of Fair Lawn urges commuters not to parking in areas that are not designated by the Borough as commuter parking areas. This includes, but is not limited to, side street parking and private parking areas. Many side streets in the area have timed parking restrictions (example: No Parking 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM or 2 Hour Parking Only). Private parking lots are lots that are not owned, leased or overseen by the Borough of Fair Lawn. This includes the industrial and commercial business's parking lots in the area. These lots are privately owned. Having a commuter parking permit does not grant you permission to park in these lots. Commuters who park in privately owned parking lots and have not received specific permission from the respective property owner or property manager is subject to receiving a summons and having their vehicle towed by the property owner or property manager, at the vehicle owner's expense (NJSA 39:4-56.6).


Parking Map

The below map show the two parking areas for the Radburn Erie Train Station. The "Main Parking Area" and the "Upper Parking Lot".

The areas in green is "Residents Only" parking for Borough of Fair Lawn residents only.

The areas in blue is "Unrestricted" parking. Both residents and non residents of Fair Lawn can park here.

The areas in purple is "Non-Resident" parking only. Only commuters that are not residents of Fair Lawn can park here.

An arrow designates that the parking for the specified color continues past the area shown on the map.

DO NOT PARK IN ANY AREA MARKED IN RED at 15-00 Pollit Drive as it is private property and is subject to summons and impound (NJSA 39:4-56.6).

Main Parking Area


Upper Parking Lot

15-00 Pollitt Drive - Far Lot

Terms and Conditions

Monthly Parking Permit Rights and Transferability: The purchase of a Monthly Parking Permit entitles the Customer to park one motor vehicle (identified by a unique license plate number) in the Borough’s Commuter Lot.  A Monthly Parking Permit Holder (Permit Holder) has the option to assign up to five vehicles per permit, but only one of those vehicles will be valid on a given day. It is the Permit Holder’s responsibility to manage multiple vehicles. A Monthly Parking Permit will be valid only during the calendar month for which the Customer has paid. No deductions or allowances from the monthly rate charged will be honored for any day(s) on which the vehicle does not park in the lot.

Resident Parking Permits: You can apply for a monthly resident permit or pay the daily resident rate without proof of address; however the Borough reserves the right to conduct spot checks of monthly permits and daily passes issued.  You may be requested to provide proof of residency and vehicle use.  You must provide evidence of residency and proof of vehicle ownership within 5 days of receiving a written request by the Fair Lawn Police Department.  Details of acceptable documents will be detailed on the letter sent. Failure to provide the documents requested within the period specified may result in the cancellation of your resident permit.

NO GUARANTEE OF PARKING SPACE: All parking spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis for both daily and monthly parkers. Monthly permit holders are not guaranteed a parking space and monthly permits are not refundable.

Termination: A Permit Holder may cancel monthly parking privileges at any time by simply not renewing the monthly permit. Customers who terminate a Monthly Parking Permit prior to the end of the calendar month will not qualify for a prorated refund.

Automatic Parking Permit Renewal: Customers may elect to have the Monthly Parking Permit automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis. Monthly parking fees collected via automatic renewal will not be refundable.

No Storage or Abandonment: The Lot may not be used for the long-term storage of a motor vehicle or the parking of a vehicle overnight between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.  Any violation of this policy is subject to ticketing and towing.

No Liability of District: Payment of the applicable monthly parking fee grants the Customer a license to park only, and no bailment is intended or shall be created. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Borough, its officers, directors, agents, employees, successors or assigns, shall not be responsible or liable to any extent for (i) damages to or theft of any vehicle or its contents due to fire, collision, vandalism, or any other cause, (ii) injuries or liabilities suffered by any person while using the Lot, or (iii) any losses or other damages incurred by any party by reason of that party’s inability to use the Lot.