Notification Subscriptions

The Borough of Fair Lawn will periodically notify residents of emergency notifications, public notices, and special events through various notifications. While the Borough of Fair Lawn does not sell or distribute the database, you are required to sign up with the list in order to receive these notifications.  We kindly ask that you spread the word to your friends, neighbors and family members in Fair Lawn regarding these notifications that allows for public notices and emergency notifications to residents and businesses for valuable community information.  Thank you.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before registering:

Completion of these registrations cannot guarantee receipt of timely notification in the event of "a large scale community emergency" due to unforeseen problems that an emergency could create. Should such a situation arrive, it is important that you also continue to monitor other public safety warning systems whenever possible. It is important to avoid calling 9-1-1 unless you have a true emergency. Whenever possible, an alternate phone number will be provided for questions and support.


Telephone Notifications