Borough Services

The Borough of Fair Lawn provides a wide variety of services for all of our residents. The chart below will help you locate the services most important to you. Click on the "X" in the chart for more information. You can always click on the Request for Service link to the left if you are unable to find what you need.


 Services  Adults  Businesses  Children  Families  Home Owners  Seniors  Teens
All Sports      X X
Animal Licensing/Control  X        X    
Broadway Shopping
 X  X    X    X X 
Building Dept.
 X  X      X    
Chamber of Commerce X   X    X  X  X  X
Child Seat Installation        X      
Community Center
 X    X  X   X   X
 Commuter Parking X                  
DPW (Public Works)
 X  X      X    
Fire Prevention  X  X      X X   
Health  X  X  X    X X   
Historic Places   X    X  X   X  
Library  X    X  X    X  X
Minibus  X           X  X
Recreation  X    X  X   X 
Recycling/Sanitation  X  X      X    
River Rd Shopping
 X  X    X    X  X
Parks  X    X  X    X  X
Pool  X    X  X    X  X
Schools      X  X      X
Senior Center            X  
 Senior Services            X   
Tax    X      X    
Volunteer  X          X  X
Voter Registration
 X        X  X